2015 Sebastian Andrea HK Workshop

15-28 July      2015

Sebastian Misse y Andrea Reyero

Hong Kong Workshop

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It is a pleasure to have one of today's most acclaimed and respectable tango dancers and teachers in the world, Sebastian Misse and Andrea Reyero, back to Hong Kong for the 4th time!

Sebastian Missé and Andrea Reyero are a rare species in the Tango world, being a young couple of dancers who grew up with tango from an early age, during a time when the greatest tango dancers from the golden age of tango still graced the milongas. They were among a very small group of children during that time who learnt directly from the legendary tango figures, and have inherited from them the techniques and knowledge that have made them one of the very few young dancers of their generation who are able to master the dance at such a high level. Sebastian is from the famous Missé tango family; he started dancing with his silblings (Gabriel Missé, Andrea Missé and Stella Missé) at the age of 9, learning from Carlos Rivarola, and later from other great milongueros of that time including Osvaldo Mantegaza, Ernesto Castello, Pedro Faraldo, Alberto Villarrazo, Turco Jose, Leonardo Lerman, Jorge Dispari, Edgardo Clement, Pepito Avellaneda. Among them his greatest influence was from Miguel and Osvaldo Zotto, and one of the greatest tango dancers and innovators in history, Antonio Todaro, with whom he has learnt intensively for a long period of time. Andrea's first memory of tango was dancing with her grandfather at a very young age. Her passion for the tango has taken her to the most traditional milongas of Buenos Aires where she met and learnt from celebrated salon dancers like Alberto Villarrazo, Leonardo Lerman, Ernesto Castello, Pedro Faraldo and others. Sebastian met Andrea when he was 14 years old, who was already an accomplished tanguera. They have danced and taught together for over 18 years, and are now one of the most acclaimed Argentine tango dancers, choreographers and teachers in the world. Their dance is characterized by great virtuosity, precision, elegance and passion. The emotion that they express in their dance is as rich as their depth of knowledge of Argentine Tango and its history, which they are eager to share to their students. Their solid reputation have earned them the respect of many of today's dancers and teachers.

They moved to Paris, France in 2000, where they have been managing the most recognized Argentine Tango School there for the past 12 years. They have also traveled extensively around the world to dance and teach in Buenos Aires, Chile, US, Canada, Alaska, U.A.E, Asia and Europe.


For more information please visit their websit: http://www.sebastianyandrea.com

Early Bird: 1st/6 ~ 20th/6,  Regular: 21st/6 ~ 12th/7,  Walkin: on/after 13th/7

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