We offer performances for both public and private events,

such as product launches, annual dinners, store openings, exhibitions, parties, etc.

For a list of our major performance experiences please refer to the biographies in bellow.

Please contact us by email:

or whatsapp +852 92361719 for quotation.

Major Experience


MAY - Show in 10th Seoul Tango Festival, Seoul, Korea

APR - Interview on TV program "拉近文化" I-cable TV, Hong Kong

MAR - Show in Gala night of Sebastian Jimenez y Joanna, Danzstage, Hong Kong


JUL - Tango Show "Tango Time", Eslite Performance Hall, Taipei

MAY - Show for Civi Party 11th Year

MAR - Gala Night for HK Intensive Tanguera Week with Stella Misse

JAN - Tango Show for Centaline Charity Run Carnival 2017, The Square, HKSP


DEC - New Year's Eve dinner show at Buenos Aires Polo Club, Central, Hong Kong

NOV - "Milonga Danza Maglina", Gala night milonga of Javier Rodriguez Workshop (Sandra & Javier )

NOV - "Tango Apasionado" Concert at Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Hong Kong

OCT - Tango Show for the Opening Ceremony of the Latin American Pavilion of 21th Macau International Trade & Investment Fair*, The Venetian, Macau

OCT - Russia Tango Congress International Dancers Performance, Moscow

SEP - "Our Last Tango" Movie screening Pre-show Performance, Broadway Cinematique, HK

SEP - Tango Show for Argentine Dinner, International Culinary Institute, Hong Kong

AUG - MOViE MOViE "Life is Art" Pop-up Mini Fest Workshop and Performance, PMQ, HK

JUN - Qatar Airways 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner, HK

MAY - Vinexpo*, HKECE, Hong Kong

MAY - Qatar Airways 10th Anniversary celebration street performance, Hong Kong

MAY - Gala Night for HK Intensive Tanguera Week with Stella Misse (Felipe & Stella), Hong Kong


DEC - Promotion programme and Showcase of community dance, Shatin Arts and Culture, Promotion Committee, Sha Tin Town Hall Plaza, Hong Kong

NOV - Grand milonga of Javier Rodriguez HK Workshop (Sandra & Javier), Hong Kong

NOV - Entertainment for Argentine Dinner, International Culinary Institute, Hong Kong

JUN - "Alfa Romeo 4C" launch ceremony, Hong Kong

JUN - Opening of LoveU Milonga, Hong Kong University, HK

APR - Grand Spring Milonga with Argentine maestros Carlos Rivarola y Gladys Fernandez by Tangotang, the Mariner's Club, TST, HK

FEB - "Tango with Western District" at Orange Peel, Hong Kong


DEC - Rotary Club Hong Kong Annual Ball, Hong Kong

NOV - Performers for Argentine Tango Festival at Kee Club

NOV - Felipe y Sandra Tango workshop for Tango Argentino Macau Club, Macau

OCT - Dancers and actors in "Rose Love Letters" by Prospects Theatre, Hong Kong

SEP - Asia Fruit Logistica*, Asia-World Expo, HK

SEP - Asia Seafood Expo*, HKECE, HK

MAR - Felipe y Sandra Tango Workshop at Corazon Tango, Taipei


DEC - Major Artist at Saigon Tango Festival, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

DEC - Performers at HKCCC New Years Eve Ball, HK

NOV - Performers for Private Wine tasting party, HK

NOV - HK International Wine & Spirit Fair* , HKECE

OCT - 18th Macau International Fair* @ The Venetian, Macau.

SEP - 1st Haikou International Youth Experimental Arts Festival, Hainan, China

SEP - Asia Fruit Logistica*, Asia-World Expo, HK

SEP - Asia Seafood Expo*, HKECE

MAY - Food and Wine Expo*, HKECE

MAY - International Dancers Show, Seoul Tango Festival, South Korea

MAR - Live dancers for "Waltz meet Tango", Concert by Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra, HK

MAR - Performer for Restaurant's "Argentine Month" special menu promotion*, HK

FEB - Teacher and performer for 24hr One Billion Rising V-Day Dance-a-thon, TST, HK

JAN - Performer for Shik Shak Shok @ Y-theater, Hong Kong


DEC - 20th Anniversary party for Annabelle Studio HK

NOV - Welcome Milonga of 2012 Hong Kong Tango Festival

OCT - Opening show for 17th Macau International Trade & Investment Fair*, The Venetian, Macau.

AUG - "Tango Passion Night", Tangotang, Hong Kong

AUG - 68th Fall/Winter Wedding Expo (Belgium Diamond House) @ HKCEC

JUL - HTM 2nd Anniversary, Hong Kong

JUN - 2nd BeiJing International Tango Weekend, Beijing

MAY - International Dancers Show, Seoul Tango Festival

APR - Arts Interim Programme, The Harbour School, Hong Kong

MAR - Felipe y Sandra Workshop and show, Corazon, Taipei

MAR - Felipe y Sandra Tango Workshop, El Bulin, Seoul

MAR - Felipe y Sandra Tango Workshop, Taichung

FEB - "Forever Romance with Art and Music" concert, Museum of Art, Hong Kong

JAN - "la prairie" product launch party, Hong Kong


NOV - Dily's 20th Anniversary, Hong Kong

OCY - Shanghai Tango Festival Asia Milonga, Shanghai

SEP - Sydney Tango Salon Festival International Milonga, Sydney

JUL - Masa Loft Milonga, Tainan

JUN - Corazon Taipei Tango 1st Anniversary Milonga

MAY - National Taiwan University Student Milonga, Taipei

APR - Andres & Isabel Workshop Grand Milonga, American Club, Taipei


DEC - New years Eve Milonga, Tanguisimo, Taipei

DEC - National Taipei University Student Milonga, Taipei

OCT - Milonga Sentimental, Hong Kong

OCT - CTV Variety Big Brother TV Show, Taipei

AUG - Living Mall 5th Dance Extravaganza, Living Mall, Taipei

JUL - 1st Taipei Tango Weekend, Corazon, Taipei

MAY - Milonga Esencia 3rd Anniversary Celebration, Taipei

JAN - Milonga Esencia, Taipei


DEC - Tango dance direcgtor for pop music video (方大同/黑白)

NOV - 1st Seoul Milongueando , El Bulin, Seoul

OCT - Milonga Las Chinitas, Hong Kong

MAY - Tango Tang 10th Anniversary Poolside Milonga, Hong Kong


SEP - Danshui MRT Dance Summit "Tango, Tan-go", Taipei

JUN - Sunday Night Milonga, Orange Feather Studio, Taipei

*Performances invited by the Argentine Consulate in Hong Kong