2015 Intensive Tanguera Weekend with Stella Misse

2015 Hong Kong

Intensive Tanguera Weekend

with Stella Misse

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Program & Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Stella teaching alone?

Stella will be coming to HK alone and will be teaching the classes by herself with the assistance of Felipe and Sandra if needed. She has many years of experience teaching alone for both group and private classes in Buenos Aires to students of both genders.

2. The name of the program is Intensive Tanguera Weekend. Are the classes only for tangueras?

We named the program "Intensive Tanguera Weekend" not because the classes are only fit for tangueras. The idea of the program is to learn Tango from a woman's perspective, which includes technique for ladies (obviously), as well as skills for leaders told in the point of view of a lady. The entire program will be beneficial to both men and women.

3. What levels are the classes for?

All 6 workshops and the guided practica are for dancers of all levels.

4. What are the topics for ladies technique classes and are classes 1, 2 and 3 arranged in increasing level of difficulty?

The three ladies technique classes are for all levels and are not progressive (meaning class 1 is not a prerequisite for class 2, and class 2 is not a prerequisite for class 3), nor are they arranged in levels of difficulty, although more basic topics will be covered in the earlier sessions, such as posture, walking, change of weight, balance, etc. Therefore it is highly recommended that you do take all three sessions. Topics are not fixed, but will definitely cover all basic topics of technique including those already mentioned, as well as ochos and giros.

5. Can MEN join the ladies technique classes?

Yes. There may be topics involving use of the heels that are relevant only to ladies but in general the techniques are the same for both men and women, such as posture, balance, finding your core, pivots, walking, giros, etc. Men will find these classes very useful too.

6. What is the 2nd class Tango Salon about?

The class will be on steps and sequences for Tango Salon, which in general means tango danced in a social scenario (ie at the milonga) as opposed to on the stage. Please do understand that the names are just "guidelines" and try to attend the class with an open mind and I am sure everyone will learn alot from the classes:)