2016 Javier Rodriguez Hong Kong Workshop

Javier Rodríguez 2016 Hong Kong Workshop

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The Maestro

Javier Rodriguez is one of the most influential Argentine Tango teachers in the world today, highly sought after in international festivals and workshops. He is no stranger to the Asian tango scene, having made his first visit here in 2003 and is one of the key maestros in both the Taipei Tango Festival, Seoul Tango Festival and Istanbul Tango Festival. He has played a huge role in cultivating the traditional tango environment as we see today in many Asian cities, introducing the cabeceo and the codigos of the milongas, and nurturing some of the best dancers in the region. He is known for his elegant and musical dancing, as well as his ability to make students feel tango in a more profound way. Many have emerged from his classes feeling inspired and changed, both technically and mentally. Javier has always been a dear friend, mentor and master. It is a pleasure to bring him to Hong Kong every year and to introduce him to those who do not know him yet. We look forward to a great week of pure tango in November!

Program & Schedule


Nov 24 (Thu)

   8:50pm [ T1 ] Walking, Embrace & Connection

Nov 26 (Sat)

   2:00pm [ T2 ] Technique for men and women

   3:30pm [ T3 ] Different energies in tango

Nov 27 (Sun)

   3:00pm [ T4 ] Adornos

   4:30pm [ T5 ] Tango Fantasia

Nov 28 (Mon)

   8:50pm [ M1 ] Milonga

Milonga "Danza Maligna"

Date: 9:30pm~2am 26 Nov

Maestro's performance around midnight

Venue: Danzstage, 20F Electric Road, Tin Hau

DJ: Lung-Kuei Lin (Taiwan)

Lung-Kuei Lin

Price & Registration

One of the most highly respected DJs in Taiwan and North America and was constantly invited to festivals and marathons around the countries in Asia and North America. He has developed a delicate sensitivity toward what makes a Milonga goes well. He deejays regularly in all local Milongas in Taipei now.  Lung-Kuei’s smooth, thoughtful approach to tango music has delighted many tanguera/o, and earned him a place on the deejay roster of some of the most notable milongas in both Asia and North America.For more on Lung-Kuei and his DJ Calendar, please visit his website: www.lungkuei.com

  Early Bird (~6/11)

Full Pass: $1690 $1800

Gala Night: $240

Workshop: $260

Regular (7~20/11)

Full Pass: $1830 $1940

Gala Night: $260

Workshop: $280


Full Pass: --

Gala Night: $280

Workshop: $300

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