2012 Javier Rodriguez Workshop 

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Javier Rodriguez is currently one of the most renowned masters and dancers of Argentine Tango. Since 1998, he has been touring extensively around the world. He was known not only for his elegance, musicality and emotion in his dance, but also for their pedagogy, which came as a result of his passion and respect to the traditional Argentine tango.

In an interview in "La Milonga", Javier was referred to as a young "old" milonguero - a dancer with the heart of an old milonguero in a young person's body. Although the tango has evolved through the years with new elements added, Javier remain dedicated to the tango that he has known and come to love - the tango that emphasizes the embrace, the walk, the music, the feeling, and the traditional codigas of the milongas.

Javier has visited Hong Kong many times since 2007. His classes and ideas have touched the hearts of many, and he has nourished many loyal followers all around Asia.

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For any questions, please contact Sandra 92361719 / Felipe 54103817

Or Email to: javier2012@malevos-tango.com

Please join us in welcoming our beloved master on his visit to Hong Kong this June!