Lesson 2:
Salida Simple

We now will add more steps between the 2nd and 3rd steps of the “Medio Cuadrado”, or the “Half Square”.

The man goes forward onto the left foot keeping the right foot projected behind, and then collect the right foot and joins the feet; the woman steps backward with the right foot keeping the left foot projected in the front, and then collects her left foot at the right side of her right foot and make a cross - “ X ".

This new sequence is called "Salida Simple", one of the basic steps of the tango.


1. Sidestep to the left

2. Forward with the right foot at the woman’s right side

3. Forward with the left foot

4. Join the right foot

5. Forward with the left foot

6. Sidestep to the right

7. Collect the left foot and stand on both feet joined 


1. Sidestep to the right

2. Backward with the left foot 

3. Backward with the right foot

 4. Crus the left foot in front of the right foot 

5. Backward with the right foot 

6. Sidestep to the left 

7. Collect the right foot and stand on both feet joined

(0) till (2) is the “Salida” or “Exit”, (3) to (4) is the “Cruz” or the “Cross”, and (5) till (7) is the “Resolución” or “Resolution”. The whole sequence is called the “Salida Simple”. Here we need to pay attention at (3) and (5) step looks very similar but they are different actually. On the 3rd step, the woman will stay the foot project forward before making the Cruz.