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Elegance. Quality. Attitude

From the Pampas to the ports, from the brothels to the salons, from the underground to the stage - “Argentine Tango” has slowly crept its way up the social ladder and is now a part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage. People who dance Argentine Tango, the “tangueros”, spend nights in the milongas, dancing a dance of elegance and passion. The perfect pair of tango shoes is the prized possession of any tanguero.

As a professional tango dancer, Felipe Hsieh fully understands the importance of a good-quality pair of shoes for walking. His background in mechanical engineering and industrial design has also given him an eye for details and proportions. For years he has had the vision of creating the perfect pair of shoes that in function, combines comfort and flexibility with the sturdiness and durability, and in design, incorporates the elegance of traditional tango shoes with a modern, sophisticated touch.

With a passion for design and the skilful hands of an experienced shoemaker, the result is a pair of understated luxuries that can easily be weared to anywhere by anybody who pays attention to the elegance and the quality. 

為應付舞蹈中的旋轉與跳躍,FELIPE.H 堅持最好用料,採用真皮材料以傳統手工製作。男鞋面料使用柔韌並俱,最適合跳舞又耐操的胎牛皮,或有義大利的高檔平紋牛皮;內裡則是舒適透氣的高檔台灣黃牛皮,鞋大底更是採用黃牛植鞣革硬烤皮。在室內跳舞並良好保養的狀況下,一般可使用年。


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Tango Fashion

Tango-able Dresses

As we said, tango is not just a dance; it's a lifestyle. You may already have one or more dresses in your wardrobe that are suitable for tango. An elegant midi skirt or midi dress, which allows for easy movement and showcases your legs with a tasteful slit, can add a touch of sensuality to your tango attire. Embracing a retro and romantic style, a midi skirt not only keeps you feeling fresh but also creates the illusion of height and slenderness, enhancing the delicate silhouette of a woman. This choice also helps prevent tripping over high heels.

If your existing dresses are too long for tango, consider consulting a dress tailor to shorten them to calf-length, making them suitable for tango. Alternatively, you can simply purchase a dedicated tango dress for your dance sessions.



We also have tango-style dresses collected in our showroom. Please feel free to contact us to try on.


Books & Printed Matters


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Collecting the tango fundamentals, 42 classic tango sequences & the milonga cultures in 53 cards. Easy to read the sequences from both the man's perspective and the woman's with a form of card in Tarot size.

應對紛亂的世界,即刻開牌占卜今日探戈運勢! 首發包含探戈基礎,42組開運舞步,還有舞會知識,共計53張牌卡。塔羅尺寸好帶易讀,讓你贏得探戈先機。

TANGOBOOK - Dance Notation of The Classic Tango
by Felipe Hsieh

It is never that simple and efficient to learn the tango. The tango dance sequences have been drawn as a tango step sheet, adding with clear explanation in this book. The dance rhythm of each step is also clearly notated. Following the chapters, you will find the shortcuts to learn the tango dance from the most fundamentals to the most advanced sequences, approach many tango elements, understand the structure through those complete tango phrases, and develop your own tango style. 

INITIAL TANGO - The tango ideogram writing system
by Felipe Hsieh 

Tango is a body conversation between partners, a language of the heart. And a language will die if it is no longer used. It could die even easier if there are no written words to record it. The tango ideogram writing system is created from the fundamental of the Tango. We tried define each symbol based on the technique of each tango element. It shall be suitable for every leader and follower, from beginners level to advanced; it also can be used for all the different school styles of Tango. “Tango” is no longer just a language you can speak and listen to. It is now a language you can also read and write.

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