2017 Sebastian y Andrea HK Workshop


2017 Golden Age Workshop en Hong Kong

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In love with tango, we are all tango students in our whole life, learn the tango endlessly. Therefore, how to choose a teacher or how to follow the teacher has become an important issue. I think, dancing well is just the most basic thing to a tango professor. One should be a good dancer first before he or she start to teach. If one teacher is not able to dance like what they say, how do students learn? It's like a Language teacher can't pronounce well... If I need to image how to do the movement, it might be better and easier that just watch some videos of good dancers to cultivate a good taste of tango. Good teachers should dance good, people want to watch and watch it again, and again; they dance and perform with those techniques that they show you in the classes. A good tango teacher should be strict in a class, they do not please the students for business but has no hesitated to be applause while the students doing well. Good teachers should have systematic teaching, starting from the most fundamentals, cultivating and developing students' physical abilities, and gradually guiding and allowing students to have the greatest freedom students within the Tango framework. The framework could be like: when dance to "Di Sarli", the dance fit to "Di Sarli". Not whatever they know, nor what fancy steps for showing off. 

The greatest dancers stand as the greatest dancers, walk as the greatest dancers from the first second the music playing. At the moment, you know they who not just great dancers but the true maestros can help to build your tango up much farther and much higher.

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