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菲力佩.謝 瑪勒沃斯探戈




這是屬於你的探戈格調 - 每一支即興探戈皆獨一無二,如同完美無瑕的你。無論你是何種風格的紳士淑女,從優雅、俐落到知性,都能透過探戈舞蹈展現你獨特的個人魅力與迷人風采。

Tango originated in the late 19th century in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Deeply influenced by European immigrants, African slaves, and local Criollo culture, Tango combines rich cultural elements to form a unique art form. In the early 20th century, with the arrival of Argentine immigrants in Europe, especially Paris, Tango quickly became a sensation among high society. Since then, Tango has spread widely across the globe, captivating dancers from all nations.

Argentine Tango is renowned for its highly improvisational nature and elegant movements. Dancers weave beautiful rhythms and visual feasts together on the dance floor, closely cooperating to showcase the spirit of Tango. This dance, blending passion, romance, and skill, is adored by dancers worldwide. Today, Tango has evolved into various styles, yet the pursuit of Tango's unique spirit remains constant among dancers. Tango is an elegant journey through time and space, not only a dance but also a legacy and innovation of culture.

This is your "TangoStyle" - each improvised Tango is one-of-a-kind, just like the flawless you. Regardless of your style as a gentleman or lady, from elegance, sophistication to intellect, Tango allows you to reveal your unique charm and captivating allure.