20210101~03 Felipe Tango Workshop en Taipei Tango Corazon

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Felipe Hsieh was giving workshop with Catarina Chung


Felipe Hsieh performed with Camila Wang


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In response to the new outbreak of the group of singing & dancing, the Tango Beginenrs class (B2012) is changed to start from next Saturday 5/12 if no any worse. To keep your and others' safty, we will also ask you to sign up a health declaration form next week before your attending the class. Please try to stay at home this week and keep safe. Thank you very much.


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Why are more experienced, multiple dances champions professional foreigner dancers, absolutely weak in challenging a mild, nice-dressing tango people in a milonga? It is because this amazing elegant, simplistic, and spicy Argentine Tango, perfected in improvised, speed, tension, powerful, emotional, and dramatic Argentine tango dance, allow you to instantly improvise, adapt, create the dance, dominate the dance floor, even decades-training ballet or ballroom dancers can't make it, no matter how they overmatched you in size, strength or skill. 

You can learn it almost overnight, even if you’re out of shape, and have no previous dance skills at all. Guaranteed!


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All of the regular classes will take place at iGenius Studio before our finding a new place. Also, the classes except the Beginners will run as a semi-online class.

Tango Quests - 20200607

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Basics and steps:
  1. Which steps could present the fundamental of tango? A) Walk. B) Salida. C) Cuadrado. D) Ocho. E) Giro 
  2. What is the basic steps of tango? A) Walk. B) Salida. C) Cuadrado. D) Ocho. E) Giro.
  3. When would the woman make a Cruz? A) Salida. B) Ocho Forward. C)Ocho Backaward. D)Parada E) Empuje.
  4. How many steps to make a “complete giro(molinete)” or a “full turn”? A) 3. B) 4. C) 5. D) 6. E) 7. 
  5. A general “Sacada” is happening at A) middle of two foot B) onside of the back foot. C) outside of the front foot. D). inside of the back foot. E) inside of the front foot. 
  1. Who is the leader of one tango? A) man. B) woman. C) teacher. D) audience. E) music. 
  2. How many percentages should we take care of the partner and ourselves in a dance? A) 0%. B) 25%. C) 50%. D) 75%. E) 100%. 
  3. How many percent weight does the woman put herself on the man? A) 0%. B) 25%. C) 50%. D) 75%. E) 100%. 
  4. When shall the woman extend the leg when the man is walking forward in the front? A) When he is moving his free foot. B) When he is bending the knee C) When he is whispering “go”. D) When he is starting a moving energy. E) Whenever the woman wants. 
  5. When shall the man moving the free leg when the woman is walking backward in the front? A) When he is starting to moving. B) When she is starting to extending. C) When she finish the extending. D) When she is moving. E) When she is arriving the step. 
11. Where we put our holding hand in a tango posture?
12. Where is the body axis when pivoting forward to the left?
13. Where is the moving energy from when we walk backward with the right foot?
14. What is the most important but very basic thing that we would miss in a walk or step?
15. How many degrees does the man turn for a basic Enrosoque in general?
16. When is the right timing for the woman’s sidestep during a giro con Enrosoque?
17. When is the right timing for the man's Lapiz after a giro con Enrosque?
18. How many degrees shall the woman turn her hip in general while the man turns his chest 15 degrees?
19. How many different “Embrace”s do we have in tango? Name(s)?
20. What are the most advance and hardest elements in Tango?

Musicality & Culture:
21. How many tango styles does the tango have? Their names?
22. What is the speed or tempo for a Molinete?
23. The names of the most important 4 orchestras of tango?
24. Which orchestra is as important as the big-4?
25. List the relations between important orchestras and the tango styles.

Announcement 20200523

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Next week 30/5, we will have a small change of the schedule:
  • Thursday
    • A: 8-10pm All Levels
  • Saturday
    • B1: 3-4pm Elementary-Intermediate
    •       4-5pm Practica* & Trial Class
    • B2: 5-6pm Advance
*Free to join the practica if take any class on the day; or FPS HKD 100 to +852 54103817 in advance to join the practica & trial only.

Health declaration

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In order to protect the health of all of the Malevos members, please fill the Health Declaration before you attend the school event. 為維護大家的健康,請於參加課程前填寫健康聲明表

20200505 Classes Resume, maximum 8 persons per class

posted May 5, 2020, 6:53 AM by Malevos Tango   [ updated May 10, 2020, 4:32 AM ]

Each class will takes only 1 point to cover the new studio fee for a 2-hours event. Class size: maximum 8 students in the room. Remind to wash hands before and after a class, and keep masks on during class.
A. THU 8-10 pm
B. SAT 4-6 pm
C. FRI 8:30-9:30pm - (for one dance couple)

Limited-Classes Resume (online) from this week

posted Apr 22, 2020, 1:08 AM by Malevos Tango   [ updated Apr 22, 2020, 1:08 AM ]

  • Beginners Class @ iGenius Studio (4-students max in the new studio)
    We will resume the beginners class this Saturday.  Please note me if you are joining in advance. We will try to arrange other time slot for Beginners-Full-Pass people if more than 4 ppl want to join.
    • SAT 3-4 pm 25/4
  • Online Group Lessons (4-persons max in the new studio)
    Each lesson (A or B) will be last at least 1.5 hours and half-hour free-practice; it will cost only 1 package point to cover the studio fee for a 2-hours event ( or 0.5 points if you have joined last week ). 
    • THU 8-10 pm 23/4
    • SAT 4-6 pm 25/4
  • Online Private Lesson (2-persons max in the new studio)
     (for 2 persons max; 1 point for each) 
    • FRI 8:30-9:30pm 24/4
  • Please R.S.V.P in advance. Thank you.


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There will be no regular classes nor Beginners Course this week.
In response to the epidemic situation, government regulations and for everyone's health, from 16/4 this Thursday, we can give online tango technique classes only during 8-9 pm on Thursday, 8:30-9:30 on Fridays and 4-5 pm on Saturdays. If your home space is too small, you may also apply in advance to take the online class in the new studio rented (iGeinus). You can stay to practice 9-10 pm on Thursday and 5-6 pm on Saturday after the class on the day. The maximum quantity in the room shall be 4 people. The expiry date of the lesson-package will be dealt with flexibility. Thanks for the corporation and understanding during this hard time for everyone.

Be safe and long life!

週四 8-9 pm, 週五 8:30-9:30 及週六 4-5 pm 可以進行線上課程,詳情請洽詢我。如你家裡空間不夠,也可以在線上課程時段到新租用的教室上課。每次課室人數的上限為四人,請事先跟我提出。

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