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posted Feb 19, 2020, 7:23 PM by Malevos Tango   [ updated Mar 2, 2020, 1:08 AM ]

To keep everyone safe, since the next class (27/2), members who enter the classroom:
  1.  Do not touch anything until the hands are disinfected with alcohol.
  2.  Measure the body temperature.
  3.  After putting down personal belongings, wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds.
  4. Please don’t touch the face, mask, and bridge of the nose during the class. Everyone reminds each other; those who touch the face should wash their hands again.
  5. Eating is not allow in the studio. Please drink water or beverages in the toilet (no need to close the door). After wearing the mask, wash your hands again.
  6. The toilet exhaust fan is always on, and the classroom windows are open for ventilation.
  7. Wash your hands before and after class.
  8. In order to avoid the risk of group infections, all group lessons and private lessons are suspended till 26/2. All memberships will be extended for 17 days.
  9. The Beginners Courses are suspended and will re-open and start on 7 March
  10. The classroom can be rented for practice during this period. 1.5hr with 1 point for one person, 1 hr with 1 point for 2 persons. You may ask for a 15 minutes online guide for per hour renting. Please message us for more details.
  11. Please pay for the tuition or shoes by the bank transfer. Cash will not be accepted until the outbreak situation improves.
  1. 直到以酒精消毒雙手完成以前,請勿碰觸任何物品。
  2. 量測體溫。
  3. 放下私人物品後,肥皂洗手20秒。
  4. 上課期間請勿手碰觸臉部、口罩、鼻樑,大家相互提醒;碰觸者須再次去洗手消毒。
  5. 教室內請勿吃東西。請於洗手間內喝水或飲料(無須關門)。戴回口罩之後,請再次洗手。
  6. 洗手間抽風機保持常開,教室窗戶打開維持通風。
  7. 課前課後請以肥皂洗手。
  8. 所有公開課和私人課暫停直到26/2。 所有會員資格將延長17天。
  9. 新手入門班暫停,7/3(週六)新班復課。
  10. 常課暫停期間,教室仍開放自主練習。單人借用每1.5小時1點,兩人借用每1小時一點。每小時租用可以提問視訊指導 15 分鐘。詳情私訊洽詢。
  11. 課費或商品請以轉帳支付,疫情好轉之前恕不收取現金。