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 Tango Boutique

TANGOBOOK: Dance Notation of The Classic Tango
by Felipe Hsieh

It is never that simple and efficient to learn the tango. The tango dance sequences have been drawn as a tango step sheet, adding with clear explanation in this book. The dance rhythm of each step is also clearly notated. Follow the chapters, you will find the short cuts to learn the tango dance from the most fundamentals to the most advanced sequences, approach many tango elements, understand the structure through those complete tango phrases, and develop your own tango style.

學習探戈從疏如此簡單、有效率。 在本書中,探戈舞蹈序列已被繪製為一個個的步驟,並附上清楚的解釋。 每個步驟的音樂節拍也都清楚標明。 遵循章節,你將找到從最基礎到最高級的探戈舞蹈捷徑,透過研究探戈舞蹈元素及完整的探戈例序,理解經典探戈的舞序結構,進而發展屬顧你自己的探戈風格。

INITIAL TANGO: The tango ideogram writing system
by Felipe Hsieh

Tango is a body conversation between partners, a language of the heart. And a language will die if it is no longer used. It could die even easier if there are no written words to record it.

The tango ideogram writing system is created from the fundamental of the Tango. We tried define each symbol based on the technique of each tango element. It shall be suitable for every leader and follower, from beginners level to advanced; it also can be used for all the different school styles of Tango.

“Tango” is no longer just a language you can speak and listen to. It is now a language you can also read and write.