Sebastian Missé is from the famous Missé tango family; he started dancing with his brothers and sisters at the age of 7. Sebastian met Andrea Reyero when he was 14 years old, who was already amongst he best tangeuras of that time. They have danced and taught together for over 18 years, and are now one of the most acclaimed Argentine tango dancers, choreographers and teachers in the world. Their dance is characterized by great virtuosity, precision, elegance and passion. The emotion that they express in their dance is as rich as their depth of knowledge of Argentine Tango and its history, which they are also very generous to share to their students.

Since 1994, Andrea and Sebastián have been professional tango stars at various "milongas" in Buenos Aires. They have been a part of many events in Buenos Aires,  to name a few : MICHELANGELO tango show, various films from "SOLO TANGO" cable channel, feature dancers at the movie "CANCION DESESPERADA". In September 1996 they were summoned by "CARI" (Argentina’s Counsil for International Affairs) to be stars at the show "Vida y pasion del tango". They also featured as lead dancers at the film "DESPABILATE AMOR" directed by Eliseo Subiela and at the presentation of Julio Iglesias’ "TANGO" cd in Argentina’s TV channel TELEFE.

They moved to Paris, France in 2000, where they have been managing the most recognized Argentine Tango School there for the past 12 years. They have also traveled extensively around the world to dance and teach in Buenos Aires, Chile, US, Canada, Alaska, U.A.E, Asia and Europe.

It is a pleasure to welcome them back to Hong Kong for the second time!

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