• Group Classes
T1. Embrace, walking and connection (All Level)
T2. Giros con sacadas, and adornos
T3. Cadence and smooth movements
T4. Rhythmic tango: Attacking D'Arienzo
T5. Dancing Pugliese
T6. Advanced Tango Salon
M1. Milonga con traspie
M2. Advanced milonga (Intermediate-Advanced)

All Group Classes will take place at

Danzstage, 20/F 148 Electric Rd, Tin Hau

  • Private Classes (28+ hrs)
  • Each class is 1 hour long.
  • Students must either enroll as a couple or attend with a partner. (If you cannot find a partner, please let know and we can help arrange).
  • Javier speaks little English but translation will be available if needed.
  • Registration will be on first come first served basis. Each student can take a maximum of 2 classes. 
  • All private classes will take place at Malevos Tango School
  • Sign up for private classes will start at noon of 14 April. Please email javier2012@malevos-tango.com stating your name, mobile and preferred time slots (you may write more than 2 in case some of your choices have already been taken).

  • Grand Milonga de los Malevos @ Danzstage

Milonga in honor of Javier, with special performances

  • Fiesta de los Malevos @ Malevos Tango School
Pizza Party to welcome Javier back to Hong Kong. (Max 20 people)

  • Codigos & Culture @ Malevos Tango School

An informal chat with Javier on the codes and cultures of the milonga, or on anything you would like to ask Javier about. Drinks and light refreshments will be served. (Max 25 people)

  • Farewell Dinner
A cosy get-together to farewell Javier. Welcome suggestions of restaurants around Tin Hau! The more the merrier!