Tuition (2019.7.1)

Group Class Package*

8 weeks Beginners Course / HKD1,300
3 months up to 10 classes / HKD1,950
6 months up to 20 classes / HKD3,700
9 months up to 30 classes / HKD5,400


" The First Tango "

1 x 55 minutes 1 on 1  private lessons
$600 / per person
Basic Movements, Pivots & Turns

Each Additional hour / HKD 800

Payment must be made 2 days before the first lesson via bank transfer.
Any changes in the booking must be made one day before the lesson. Paid lessons are not refundable or transferrable.

Book with us via messeger / whatsapp now:


Private Lesson Package*

1 Teacher
1 lesson (55 minutes) / HKD800
3 months up to 10 lessons / HKD7,500
6 months up to 20 lessons / HKD14,000

2 Teachers
$1200 / 55 minuntes
1 lesson (55 minutes) / HKD1,200
3 months up to 10 lessons / HKD10,000
6 months up to 20 lessons / HKD18,000


Wedding Dance Package*

5 lessons (Customised Choreography included) / HKD5,200
Each Additional lesson / HKD1,200


Tuition can be paid in Cash or Bank Transfer to 
HSBC account: 813-515 509 838 
Malevos Tango Limited
An official e-receipt will be sent to your email when your payment is confirmed.

**Group Class Package Terms & Condition: 1) Packages are not transferable or refundable. 2) Expiry Dates of packages cannot be extended unless upon reasonable request to be approved by Malevos Tango School (e.g. personal injuries). 3) Class credit will be deducted for up to TWO classes per week only. Class credit will not be deducted for the third and additional classes taken during the week (Each week starting Monday and ending Sunday). 4) Package holders can participate in our Beginners courses provided that at least one class credit is used within the same week, otherwise, one class credit will be deducted. 5) We may authorize other qualified instructors to teach without advanced notice. 6) Malevos Tango Ltd. reserves the right to the interpretation of the terms and conditions hereinabove.

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