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Felipe & Sandra are the youngest and the first and only couple of full-time Argentine tango dancers in Hong Kong. Greatly influenced by their masters, they are persistent in searching and spreading the culture of tango and it's most authentic form. Their performances are always improvised, infused with elegance, energy and emotion. For the past 10 years, their have been invited to dance or teach in Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) and Sydney. Since 2010 they have devoted their time fully to tango, teaching and performing mainly in Taipei. In 2011 they returned to Hong Kong and co-founded "Malevos Tango School" to promote Argentine tango, its dance, music and culture in the city.  

Felipe 與 Sandra 是全香港最年輕、第一對(也是迄今唯一一對)全職的阿根廷探戈舞者與教師。秉持師門精神,孜孜尋覓最俱傳統的探戈,並發揚光大,以廣傳播。其表演妙曼優 雅,充滿活力和情感,更是少數可以完全不事先排練編舞,即興演出綺麗探戈(Tango Fantasia)的專業舞者。過去十年間,除香港外,兩人亦獲邀到台北、首爾、上海、北京、西貢(胡志明市)和悉尼(雪梨)演出及教學。 2010年他們在台北開始全面投入探戈教學。2011年九月回到香港,開辦「Malevos探戈學校」,在本地推廣阿根廷探戈舞蹈、音樂和文化。