Tuition 學費

Version: 2021. 01

台中單堂 Single Class NTD 2,000 

一般會員  (單人用) 
6 堂 Package / NTD 1,900 *6 / 3 months

銀卡會員 (單人用) 
10 堂 Package / NTD 1,600 *10 / 6 months

金卡會員 (單人用,上限20個)
10 堂 Package / NTD 1,400 *10 / 3 months 

條款及細則 / Terms & Conditions: 
● 每節課為時50分鐘。 請準時到達準備 ● 套裝優惠需在首次上課三天前乙次付清 ●價格已包括教室場租費用,僅適用於台中上課的初學者會員 ● 為了保護舞池,老師和學生的身體,私人課時需要穿著探戈舞鞋 ● 著裝彼此的尊重, 探戈課不可穿著運動背心等服飾 ● 預訂中的任何更改都必須在課程開始2天前提出,以確認老師和工作室的時間。每次預訂最多可更改一次 ● 如果學生沒有上課或上課遲到,不會退還課程積分;如果老師未出席,將退還該課積分 ● 若學生無法在到期日之前完成套裝課程而要求退費,手續費NTD200;已使用堂數將以單堂原始價格計算
 ● 以上條款MalevosTangoLtd保留解釋權利
● Each class will be last 50 minutes. Please arrive on time to prepare. ● The package price shall be paid at once in advance 3 days before the first lesson ● The price is suitable only for beginners in Taichung; the studio fee is included. ● Wearing Tango Dance Shoes is required for a private class, to protect the dance floor and the bodies of the teacher and the student. ● Dressing appropriated to show the respect of each other. A sport-vest wearing is not allowed for a tango class. ● Any changes in the booking must be made in advance 2 days before the lesson to confirm the studio. ● Each booking could be changed for a one-time maximum. No refund of the class point if the student no show or arrives late for the class; the class point will be refund if the teacher no show. ● NTD 200 will be charged if asking for refunding the rest value of the tuition package when expiry; each taken-class will be calculated in the single class price. ● Malevos Tango Ltd. reserves the right to the interpretation of the terms and conditions hereinabove.