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Tango Quests - 20200607

posted Jun 7, 2020, 9:47 PM by Malevos Tango   [ updated Jun 11, 2020, 11:47 PM ]
Basics and steps:
  1. Which steps could present the fundamental of tango? A) Walk. B) Salida. C) Cuadrado. D) Ocho. E) Giro 
  2. What is the basic steps of tango? A) Walk. B) Salida. C) Cuadrado. D) Ocho. E) Giro.
  3. When would the woman make a Cruz? A) Salida. B) Ocho Forward. C)Ocho Backaward. D)Parada E) Empuje.
  4. How many steps to make a “complete giro(molinete)” or a “full turn”? A) 3. B) 4. C) 5. D) 6. E) 7. 
  5. A general “Sacada” is happening at A) middle of two foot B) onside of the back foot. C) outside of the front foot. D). inside of the back foot. E) inside of the front foot. 
  1. Who is the leader of one tango? A) man. B) woman. C) teacher. D) audience. E) music. 
  2. How many percentages should we take care of the partner and ourselves in a dance? A) 0%. B) 25%. C) 50%. D) 75%. E) 100%. 
  3. How many percent weight does the woman put herself on the man? A) 0%. B) 25%. C) 50%. D) 75%. E) 100%. 
  4. When shall the woman extend the leg when the man is walking forward in the front? A) When he is moving his free foot. B) When he is bending the knee C) When he is whispering “go”. D) When he is starting a moving energy. E) Whenever the woman wants. 
  5. When shall the man moving the free leg when the woman is walking backward in the front? A) When he is starting to moving. B) When she is starting to extending. C) When she finish the extending. D) When she is moving. E) When she is arriving the step. 
11. Where we put our holding hand in a tango posture?
12. Where is the body axis when pivoting forward to the left?
13. Where is the moving energy from when we walk backward with the right foot?
14. What is the most important but very basic thing that we would miss in a walk or step?
15. How many degrees does the man turn for a basic Enrosoque in general?
16. When is the right timing for the woman’s sidestep during a giro con Enrosoque?
17. When is the right timing for the man's Lapiz after a giro con Enrosque?
18. How many degrees shall the woman turn her hip in general while the man turns his chest 15 degrees?
19. How many different “Embrace”s do we have in tango? Name(s)?
20. What are the most advance and hardest elements in Tango?

Musicality & Culture:
21. How many tango styles does the tango have? Their names?
22. What is the speed or tempo for a Molinete?
23. The names of the most important 4 orchestras of tango?
24. Which orchestra is as important as the big-4?
25. List the relations between important orchestras and the tango styles.