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Argentine tango is regarded as synonymous with "sensibility", "elegance" and "passion", so the atmosphere of tango is undoubtedly often appeared in movies, music videos and advertisements. Tango is an extremely elegant and delicate dance. The inner feelings between the dancers are much more important than what the outsiders see. Different from the misunderstanding of "standard dance tango" or other standard dances, learning is often for competitions, exams or performances, and those "biting roses, turning heads quickly, and dragging girls across the dance floor" are just stage shows. Or an exaggeration in Hollywood movies. Argentine Tango is a social dance you dance for yourself, allowing you to connect freely with your feelings through leading and following.

 The traditional "Argentine Tango" is an impromptu dance. Through leading and following, they communicate with each other in the dance, but tango can also be choreographed to show a more brilliant stage performance. Because tango in ordinary dance occasions does not need to rote or choreograph the dance sequence, the completely improvised Argentine tango makes it easy for female friends to learn, and they can dance directly with strangers, just like friends who have known each other for many years. This is why many people like to continue tango, meet new friends and dance with them. Argentine tango music is very broad and profound, coming from many different arrangers, singers and eras. A single dance piece can express a variety of different emotions-joy, sentimental, romantic, enthusiastic... Therefore, many people say that they will not get bored listening to tango dancing all night.

Many people who like tango often talk about the embrace of tango. There is no qualitative hug dance in Argentine Tango. The leader and follower can have an open arm distance or a very close hug. Closed hugs give more feeling of emotional connection and are used for simple, affectionate and quiet dance steps; open hugs allow gorgeous and interesting dance steps and decorations to be displayed. Most people are psychologically uncomfortable at the beginning of tango hugs. Once they understand, they are mostly addicted to it. In fact, Argentine tango is like the epitome of life, about how men and women approach each other, attract each other, how to treat each other with respect and sincerity-"Tango makes men more like men and women more like women. Many people gain more confidence and energy in the Tango world to face the real world.

 Learning Tango is not difficult, it is suitable for all ages. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, the hometown of tango, tango is a part of life culture. Whether it is couples, siblings, relatives or friends, people dance from eight to eighty years old. From its prosperity in the 1930s to the 1940s and its decline after the 1980s, Argentine tango has been listed by the United Nations as one of the world's intangible cultural heritage. Many tango lovers are actively protecting this cultural treasure.

 Argentine Tango is a duet dance that must be learned once in a lifetime! You don’t need a dance foundation, you can walk, and you can start walking in music. This tango dance from Argentina is an impromptu body dialogue, which makes people more elegant and wandering in tango music. Whether it is a three-minute secret romance or pure dance fun, you will find unexpected things in tango. At Malevos Tango School, we not only promote the tango that Argentina feels back to Asia, but also let you experience a different life of tango that you have never experienced before.

Malevos Argentine Tango Studio
Hong Kong Taichung Tango class
Malevos Tango provides the most professional Argentine tango course teaching, the passionate, elegant and delicate tango, professional teaching quality, stage performance, commercial performance, wedding choreography, international-level professional dancers. Malevos has been teaching and performing all over the world for 20 years, is known and recognized as one of the most senior and professional tango studio school in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Here is the best choice for tango yuppie who love to enjoy life after work..

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Malevos Argentine tango Studio
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A 8-week course for absolute beginner members opens every month. Each class will last for 1 hour. Course dates will be announced 1-2 months prior to the start of each new course.
  • Venue: Malevos Tango School,
    Rm 1109, Bell House Block B, 525-543 Nathan Road, Kowloon (MTR Exit B1. Entrance to the right of Japan Home Centre)
  • Class Size: 12 people max.
  • Class Fee:
    • One Full Course: Early-Bird hkd1200* / Pay-At-Door hkd1300 - One full 2 months beginners Course (8 classes)
    • 3-months Beginner-Membership: Early-Bird hkd1500* / Pay-At-Door hkd1600 - 3 months unlimited participation in any class of our Beginners Course (up to 20 classes totally). Better to start coincides with the starting date of a Beginners Course.
    • Trial 4 classes: hkd850 - First Four classes of the Beginners Course (Option to complete the full course at the end of the 4th lesson for additional hkd800; or continue with elementary classes with normal packages.)
    • Walk-in: hkd380/per person (pay before walk-in one class)
  • Terms & Conditions:
    • The Price for beginners course is not suitable for any other regular class.
    • The membership or course fee are not transferable or refundable once the course has commenced.
    • No refund or make up lesson will be arranged for missing a lesson for any reason.
  • Upcoming Course: ( *In case of discrepancies between above and in the registration form, the date in registration form shall apply and prevail.
    • (B2001) Saturdays from 1 Febuary 2020 (Cancel)
    • (B2002) Thursdays from 13 Febuary 2020 (Cancel)
    • (B2003) Saturdays from 7 March
  • Enrol: Please click R.S.V.P to enrol and fill in the online form in advance ( You can choose how to make the payment after ).

Felipe Sandra Tango Hong Kong

Tango Trial Class

" My-First-Tango "

A private lesson for the absolute beginner(s)
(Basic Movements, Tango-Walk, Salida Simple)

45-minutes with one trailer / hkd480
55-minutes with one couple / hkd580

Each additional lesson (55minutes) / HKD800

Terms and Conditions: 
1)  Payment must be made 2 days before the first lesson via bank transfer to HSBC 813-515509-838. An electronic receipt will be sent to you once the payment is received. Students may pay in cash for future lessons. 2) Any changes in the booking must be made 24 hours before the lesson. 3) 50% refund for cancellations 24 hours before the class. 4) No refund of the lesson fee if the student no show or arrives late for the class. 5) Full refund if the teacher no show.