The schedule of the tango classes may change from time to time. Some classes would be cancelled due to the outbreak of nCoV-19. Please contact us before you plan to join any class. 

Timetable of Tango Class
2021. 01. 
11am~6pm Private time slot 私人課 (線上/現場)

7pm Contract Group Class 約聘教室包班*
11am~3pm Private time slot 私人課 (線上/現場)

3:30pm Contract Group Class 約聘教室包班*
8:30pm Contract Group Class 約聘教室包班*
11am~6pm Private time slot
 私人課 (線上/現場)
11am~6pm Private time slot
8~9pm Intermediate 中級 (香港本部)

11am~6pm Private time slot
11am~2pm Private time slot 私人課
3pm~4pm Elementary 初階 (香港本部)
4pm~5pm Beginners 入門 (香港本部)
5pm~6pm Intermediate 中級 (香港本部)

 *Terms of
avoidance clause / 利益迴避條款: 
MalevosTango Ltd. will not provide information about contracted classrooms, nor will it publicize and recruit students in contracted classrooms. / MalevosTangoLtd. 不會提供約聘教室資訊,亦不會對約聘教室之學員進行宣傳招生。


Academia de Argentina Tango de Malevos
Hong Kong Taichung Tango class
Malevos Tango provides the most professional Argentine tango course teaching, the passionate, elegant and delicate tango, professional teaching quality, stage performance, commercial performance, wedding choreography, international-level professional dancers. Malevos has been teaching and performing all over the world for 20 years, is known and recognized as one of the most senior and professional tango studio school in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Here is the best choice for tango yuppie who love to enjoy life after work..

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