Malevos Caminito

Located in the neighborhood of La Boca and now one of the most iconic places of Buenos Aires, Caminto is a colorful, picturesque street, lined with cafes, tango performances, and street stalls selling souveniors, handicrafts, antiques and bric-a-bracs. Just like that, we created the Malevos Caminto to give you that Caminito shopping experience.

源自於阿根廷探戈起源地「海口區(La Boca)」,人們在 Caminito 市集逛街、尋找特色商品。我們希望將這樣的氛圍也帶到這裡,因此收集到的特色商品除可以在 Malevos Tango 店面購買外,亦能在我們的網站中感受逛遊 Caminito 的樂趣。