Malevos Tango School was founded to create a place in Hong Kong solely for Tango to share the love and passion for this Argentine cultural treasure. Now it is one of the most professional and famous Tango Schools in Hong Kong.

The word "Malevos" has very strong Argentine Tango roots, and appears in many letras (lyrics) of Tango. "Malevos" is Lunfardo (an old dialect developed in the lower classes of Buenos Aires in the late 19th century, and is considered the language of Tango), usually referred to the men who hung out in the old Tango neighborhoods such as La Boca, always perfectly dressed, well poised, usually loners dwelling in the streets, bars and milongas, their souls filled with tango, alcohol and women.


The Funder and the Masters

Sandra Mok 
was introduced to Argentine Tango in 2004 while studying at the University of Chicago, USA. Musically trained since she was young, while being both a swimmer and an athlete, Argentine Tango came naturally to her. Her passion for the dance led her to visit Buenos Aires 4 times since 2008, each visit bringing her new insights, feelings and understanding to the dance. She has studied intensively with Argentine tango legends, Javier Rodriguez y Andrea Misse, and Sebastian Misse and Andrea Reyero. She has frequently been invited to perform in Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney and Shanghai. She co-founded "Las Chinitas" and "La Bruja" in Hong Kong respectively to promote tango and its culture through organizing workshops and milongas. In February 2010, she quit her job as a corporate banker to devote herself full-time for tango. In the same year she also launched her own handmade tango clothing line, "Sandrini" that has grown to be very popular among tangueras in Asia.

Felipe Hsieh 
began to study tango in 2002; he is attracted depthly by the tango dance, music and culture, with following the greatest contemporary Argentine tango masters - Javier Rodriguez, Andrea Misse, Sebastian Misse, Andrea Rerero. He combines the spirit of the arious tango masters and creat a set of high efficient teaching system -- the cornerstone of Malevos Tango School. He has taught or performed in Seoul (Korea), Sydney (Australia), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Moscow (Russia), Macau, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and various cities in Taiwan. Felipe also has performed tango in TV shows in Taiwan and acts as the dance director for music videos. Also by his engineering and industrial design background, he launches his own tango shoes brand "FELIPE.H" in 2014. Also he creates the Tango Ideogram Writing System to record tango sequences in his book "INITIAL TANGO", published in 2018.

The Major Experience

MAY - Show in 10th Seoul Tango Festival, Seoul, Korea
APR - Interview on TV program "拉近文化" I-cable TV, Hong Kong
MAR - Show in Gala night of Sebastian Jimenez y Joanna, Danzstage, Hong Kong

JUL - Tango Show "Tango Time", Eslite Performance Hall, Taipei
MAY - Show for Civi Party 11th Year
MAR - Gala Night for HK Intensive Tanguera Week with Stella Misse
JAN - Tango Show for Centaline Charity Run Carnival 2017, The Square, HKSP

DEC - New Year's Eve dinner show at Buenos Aires Polo Club, Central, Hong Kong
NOV - "Milonga Danza Maglina", Gala night milonga of Javier Rodriguez Workshop (Sandra & Javier ) 
NOV - "Tango Apasionado" Concert at Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Hong Kong
OCT - Tango Show for the Opening Ceremony of the Latin American Pavilion of 21th Macau International Trade & Investment Fair*, The Venetian, Macau
OCT - Russia Tango Congress International Dancers Performance, Moscow
SEP - "Our Last Tango" Movie screening Pre-show Performance, Broadway Cinematique, HK
SEP - Tango Show for Argentine Dinner, International Culinary Institute, Hong Kong
AUG - MOViE MOViE "Life is Art" Pop-up Mini Fest Workshop and Performance, PMQ, HK
JUN - Qatar Airways 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner, HK
MAY - Vinexpo*, HKECE, Hong Kong
MAY - Qatar Airways 10th Anniversary celebration street performance, Hong Kong
MAY - Gala Night for HK Intensive Tanguera Week with Stella Misse (Felipe & Stella), Hong Kong

DEC - Promotion programme and Showcase of community dance, Shatin Arts and Culture, Promotion Committee, Sha Tin Town Hall Plaza, Hong Kong 
NOV - Grand milonga of Javier Rodriguez HK Workshop (Sandra & Javier), Hong Kong
NOV - Entertainment for Argentine Dinner, International Culinary Institute, Hong Kong
JUN - "Alfa Romeo 4C" launch ceremony, Hong Kong
JUN - Opening of LoveU Milonga, Hong Kong University, HK
APR - Grand Spring Milonga with Argentine maestros Carlos Rivarola y Gladys Fernandez by Tangotang, the Mariner's Club, TST, HK
FEB - "Tango with Western District" at Orange Peel, Hong Kong

DEC - Rotary Club Hong Kong Annual Ball, Hong Kong
NOV - Performers for Argentine Tango Festival at Kee Club
    NOV - Felipe y Sandra Tango workshop for Tango Argentino Macau Club, Macau
OCT - Dancers and actors in "Rose Love Letters" by Prospects Theatre, Hong Kong
SEP - Asia Fruit Logistica*, Asia-World Expo, HK
 SEP - Asia Seafood Expo*, HKECE, HK
MAR - Felipe y Sandra Tango Workshop at Corazon Tango, Taipei

DEC - Major Artist at Saigon Tango Festival, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
 DEC - Performers at HKCCC New Years Eve Ball, HK 
NOV - Performers for Private Wine tasting party, HK
NOV - HK International Wine & Spirit Fair* , HKECE
OCT - 18th Macau International Fair* @ The Venetian, Macau.
SEP - 1st Haikou International Youth Experimental Arts Festival, Hainan, China
  SEP - Asia Fruit Logistica*, Asia-World Expo, HK
SEP - Asia Seafood Expo*, HKECE
MAY - Food and Wine Expo*, HKECE
MAY - International Dancers Show, Seoul Tango Festival, South Korea
MAR - Live dancers for "Waltz meet Tango", Concert by Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra, HK
MAR - Performer for Restaurant's "Argentine Month" special menu promotion*, HK
FEB - Teacher and performer for 24hr One Billion Rising V-Day Dance-a-thon, TST, HK
JAN - Performer for Shik Shak Shok @ Y-theater, Hong Kong

DEC - 20th Anniversary party for Annabelle Studio HK
NOV - Welcome Milonga of 2012 Hong Kong Tango Festival
OCT - Opening show for 17th Macau International Trade & Investment Fair*, The Venetian, Macau.
AUG - "Tango Passion Night", Tangotang, Hong Kong
AUG - 68th Fall/Winter Wedding Expo (Belgium Diamond House) @ HKCEC
JUL - HTM 2nd Anniversary, Hong Kong
JUN - 2nd BeiJing International Tango Weekend, Beijing 
MAY - International Dancers Show, Seoul Tango Festival
APR - Arts Interim Programme, The Harbour School, Hong Kong
MAR - Felipe y Sandra Workshop and show, Corazon, Taipei
MAR - Felipe y Sandra Tango Workshop, El Bulin, Seoul
MAR - Felipe y Sandra Tango Workshop, Taichung
FEB - "Forever Romance with Art and Music" concert, Museum of Art, Hong Kong
JAN - "la prairie" product launch party, Hong Kong

NOV - Dily's 20th Anniversary, Hong Kong
OCY - Shanghai Tango Festival Asia Milonga, Shanghai
SEP - Sydney Tango Salon Festival International Milonga, Sydney
JUL - Masa Loft Milonga, Tainan
JUN - Corazon Taipei Tango 1st Anniversary Milonga
MAY - National Taiwan University Student Milonga, Taipei
APR - Andres & Isabel Workshop Grand Milonga, American Club, Taipei

DEC - New years Eve Milonga, Tanguisimo, Taipei
  DEC - National Taipei University Student Milonga, Taipei
OCT - Milonga Sentimental, Hong Kong
OCT - CTV Variety Big Brother TV Show, Taipei
AUG - Living Mall 5th Dance Extravaganza, Living Mall, Taipei
JUL - 1st Taipei Tango Weekend, Corazon, Taipei
MAY - Milonga Esencia 3rd Anniversary Celebration, Taipei
JAN - Milonga Esencia, Taipei

DEC - Tango dance direcgtor for pop music video (方大同/黑白)
NOV - 1st Seoul Milongueando , El Bulin, Seoul
OCT - Milonga Las Chinitas, Hong Kong
MAY - Tango Tang 10th Anniversary Poolside Milonga, Hong Kong

SEP - Danshui MRT Dance Summit "Tango, Tan-go", Taipei
JUN - Sunday Night Milonga, Orange Feather Studio, Taipei

*Performances invited by the Argentine Consulate in Hong Kong