Malevos Tango School was founded to create a place in Hong Kong solely for Tango to share the love and passion for this Argentine cultural treasure. 

The word "Malevos" has very strong Argentine Tango roots, and appears in many letras (lyrics) of Tango. "Malevos" is Lunfardo (an old dialect developed in the lower classes of Buenos Aires in the late 19th century, and is considered the language of Tango), usually referred to the men who hung out in the old Tango neighborhoods such as La Boca, always perfectly dressed, well poised, usually loners dwelling in the streets, bars and milongas, their souls filled with tango, alcohol and women. 

 The Funder & Teacher 

Sandra Mok
 was introduced to Argentine Tango in 2004 while studying at the University of Chicago, USA. Musically trained since she was young, while being both a swimmer and an athlete, Argentine Tango came naturally to her. Her passion for the dance led her to visit Buenos Aires 4 times since 2008, each visit bringing her new insights, feelings and understanding to the dance. She has studied intensively with Argentine tango legends, Javier Rodriguez y Andrea Misse, and Sebastian Misse and Andrea Reyero. She has frequently been invited to perform in Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney and Shanghai. She co-founded "Las Chinitas" and "La Bruja" in Hong Kong respectively to promote tango and its culture through organizing workshops and milongas. In February 2010, she quit her job as a corporate banker to devote herself full-time for tango. In the same year she also launched her own handmade tango clothing line, "Sandrini" that has grown to be very popular among tangueras in Asia.

Felipe Hsieh began to study tango in 2002; he is attracted depthly by the tango dance, music and culture, with following the greatest contemporary Argentine tango masters - Javier Rodriguez, Andrea Misse, Sebastian Misse, Andrea Rerero. He combines the spirit of the arious tango masters and creat a set of high efficient teaching system -- the cornerstone of Malevos Tango School. He has taught or performed in Seoul (Korea), Sydney (Australia), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Moscow (Russia), Macau, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and various cities in Taiwan. Felipe also has performed tango in TV shows in Taiwan and acts as the dance director for music videos. Also by his engineering and industrial design background, he launches his own tango shoes brand "FELIPE.H" in 2014.

Felipe also creates a Tango Ideogram Writing System to record tango sequences in his book "INITIAL TANGO", published in 2018.

Javier Rodriguez is one of the most influential Argentine Tango teachers in the world, highly sought after in international festivals and workshops, one of the judge of the World Tango Championship for the final round every year. He is no stranger to the Asian tango scene, having made his first visit here in 2003 and is one of the key maestros in both the Taipei Tango Festival and Seoul Tango Festival. Together with his late partner, the divine Andrea Misse, he has played a huge role in cultivating the traditional tango environment as we see today in many Asian cities, introducing the cabeceo and the codigos of the milongas, and nurturing some of the best dancers in the region. He is known for his elegant and musical dancing, as well as his ability to make students feel tango in a more profound way. Many have emerged from his classes feeling inspired and changed, both technically and mentally.

Javier will give workshop in Hong Kong every November.

* * * * *

Sebastian Missé and Andrea Reyero are a rare species in the Tango world, being dancers who grew up with tango from an early age, during a time when the greatest tango dancers from the golden age of tango still graced the milongas. They were among a very small group of children during that time who learnt directly from the legendary tango figures, and have inherited from them the techniques and knowledge that have made them one of the very few dancers of their generation who are able to master the dance at such a high level.
Sebastian is from the famous Missé tango family. His greatest influence was from Migueland Osvaldo Zotto, and one of the greatest tango dancers and innovators in history, Antonio Todaro. Sebastian met Andrea Reyero at the age of 14, who was already an accomplished tanguera, having learnt from celebrated salon dancers like Alberto Villarrazo, "Pupy" Castello, "Toto" Faraldo and others. They have danced and taught together for over 20 years, and are now one of the most acclaimed and reputable Argentine Tango dancers and teachers in the world.
For more information please visit their websit: http://www.sebastianyandrea.com

They will come to give workshop in Hong Kong every July.

* * * * *

Stella Missé is part of the famous Misse tango family with her siblings Andrea, Sebastian, and Gabriel, and a shining star in her own right. She began studying Argentine folk dance at the age of 5 and from the age of 7 began her studies in Argentine Tango with her siblings under Maria and Carlos Rivarola, Miguel Angel Zotto and Osvaldo Zotto. As a young girl she frequented the milongas with her family, where she danced and learnt with the great milongueros such as Osvaldo “Cachito” Mantegaza, Ernesto “Pupy” Castello, Pedro “Toto” Faraldo, amongst others. Since childhood she has given performances in the legendary dance halls alongside the greatest tango figures of the 80s and 90s.From the age of 17, she began to work in tango shows in Buenos Aires such as La Cumparsita, Tango 1921, Museo Casa Carlos Gardel Tango and Tango x 2 by Miguel Angel Zotto. She participated in major festivals around the world to replace her sister Andrea Misse during her pregnancy in 2009, partnering with Javier Rodriguez. In 2010 she returned to Buenos Aires to join the cast of the tango show, “Senor Tango” until 2013. In recent years she gives private classes and performances mainly in Buenos Aires, while traveling around the world to spread her art.

Stella will give workshop in Hong Kong every March.