>>> 6-16 July Sebastian Andrea 2018 HK Workshop <<<
There is no Felipe & Sandra's regular classes during the period of the workshop

It will be a marvelous journey --
conquer all the remarkable sequences or
the fabulous steps in a five-dimensional space.
You will become a "malevo/a",
look for the paired wing in the dim light,
In the most real embrace
once again feel the free-flying as in the dream,
to explore a forgotten world.

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Regular Classes

- Wednesday -
9pm Practica @ Amico Studio

- Thursday -
7:55pm Inter.-Advanced
9:10pm Beginners Course*

- Friday -
7:45pm Intermediate
9:00pm Elementary

- Saturday -
3pm Beginners Course*
4:30pm Elementary-Inter.
6pm Inter.-Advanced

- 2nd Sunday of Month -
4:30-6:30pm Practica Malevos @ Dance Culture

*Schedule and Class offerings may change from time to time, 
Please contact us if you wish to walk-in for any of our classes.

Tuition (from 2017.1.1)

- Beginners Course - 
HKD 850 for  5 weeks

- 10 Classes Package -
HKD 1900 within  3 months

- 20 Classes Package -
HKD 3600 within  6 months

- Single Class Walk-In -
HKD 220
 ( not suitable for Beginners Course )

Package Terms & Condition:
1) Packages are not transferrable or refundable. 2) Expiry Dates of packages cannot be extended unless upon reasonable request to be approved by Malevos Tango School (e.g. personal injuries). 3) Class credit will be deducted for up to TWO classes per week only. Class credit will not be deducted for the third and additional classes taken during the week (with the exception of Special Theme classes, Ladies Technique classes, Fantasia courses, and classes taking place outside of Malevos Tango Studio). Each week starting Monday and ending Sunday. 4) Malevos Tango Ltd. reserves the right to the interpretation of the terms and conditions hereinabove.

Tuition fee can be paid in cash or Bank Transfer to 
HSBC account: 813-515 509 838 
Malevos Tango Ltd.

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A 5-week course for absolute beginners opens every month. Each class will last for 1 hour. 
Course dates will be announced 1-2 months prior to the start of each new course.

Upcoming Starting Date: 
B1805 - 3 May (Thursday) 9-10pm;
B1806 - 2 Jun (Saturday) 3-4pm;
B1807 - 5 July (Thursday) 9:10-10:10pm;
B1808 - 4 Aug (Saturdays) 3-4pm
 ( *In case of discrepancies between above and in the registration form, the date in registration form shall apply and prevail. )

Malevos Tango School, Rm 1109, Bell House Block B, 525-543 Nathan Road, Kowloon 
(MTR Exit B1. Entrance to the right of Japan Home Centre)

Class Size: 
12 people max.

Class Fee:
.Early Bird HKD 800
   Paid on or before 3 days by cash or bank transfer to HSBC account 813-515509-838  
   Please send the photo of transfer receipt to this email or whatsapp to 54103817; Or
.Regular HKD 850
   Paid on the day before start of class

To enrol please fill in the online form in advance: 
( You can choose how to make the payment after. )

Beginners Course Q&A:

What should I prepare for my class?
Please wear normal clothing and shoes with non-stick soles. Heels for the ladies and leather shoes for the men are recommended. There is no need to purchase ballroom dance shoes just for the class as they are not suitable for Argentine Tango. We do carry Argentine tango shoes for sale at our studio.

Do I need a partner?
You don't need to find a partner for learning tango. Students can enroll alone or in pairs. We will rotate partners during the class.

Am I too young or too old to learn tango?
Nobody is too young or too old to start learning tango. We welcome students of all age and background.

After taking the Beginners Course, What next?
Students can take elementary level classes, can pay by class, or purchase our 10 or 20-class packages. In time, we will let students know when they are ready to take more advanced classes. Students should also join our practicas often to practise what they've learnt and to dance with other people. Milongas on the other hand are social dance parties which take place nearly every day of the week where people mingle, dance and have fun. Practicas and milongas are great places to learn outside of the classroom.

How long does it take to learn Argentine Tango?
All students can essentially start dancing in milongas (tango parties) after the beginners course, although the average time for students to feel at ease dancing in the milongas is 6-12 months. However, most students continue learning with us for years, polishing their dance and learning new movements. 

Why choose Malevos?
Legacy - 
The teachers are passionate to pass down the legacy of their masters, from whom they have learnt intensively for an extended period of time. The development of tango over the years has led to ideas becoming mixed, scattered and sometimes confusing, but they are persistent to teach a traditional style of tango and ensure its essence is not lost.
Professionalism - 
Apart from having a systematic teaching method, Malevos is quick to adapt their teaching to student's weaknesses and strengths and provide customize
d guidance to them through their road to growing their Tango. 
Approach - 
Their years of teaching experience allow them to be able to explain the movements in the dance as natural body movements and in great detail as they fully understand the difficulties of learning tango for "non dancers". They are able to communicate the sensations and subtleties in the dance in a way that is easy to understand. Their approach to teaching is detailed, precise, humorous, and aimed at introducing tango as a social dance, not just as a competitive sport or exhibition. 

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PRACTICAS (Practice Sessions)

Wednesday Practica
Amico Studio (2/F, 167-169 Hennessy Rd, Wanchai) 
Time:Wednesdays 9pm-12am
Entrance Fee: $80

Practica Malevos 
Dance Culture, 20/F Richmond Plaza, 496 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, HK
Select Sunday 4:30-6:30pm
Entrance Fee: $80

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We also offer private classes for individuals, couples, or small groups of 4-6 people.

Who should take private classes?
Apart from taking our regular group classes, students are highly encouraged to take private lessons with us to elaborate on important details that are sometimes difficult to address to during group classes. Private classes can also allow us to discover problems particular to each student and correct them effectively and efficiently. Students are advised to take 1-2 private classes with us every months.

Whether you are an advanced student or someone completely new to Argentine Tango, if none of our regular classes suits your needs or schedule, you are welcome to talk to us to design a personalized private learning program with you. 

Please contact our schedule manager (+852) 5403 3592 - Cherry Tsang for inquiries and booking private lessons with Felipe or Sandra. 

We teach wedding dances for soon-to-be-married couples. No prior dance experience is necessary in order to prepare for a romantic and memorable first dance as husband and wife. 
Click HERE for details.